Friday, June 1, 2007

Web Business Building - Four Critical Steps to Web Business III

The third that you need is traffic. I know I talk a lot about Article Marketing. Why do I talk a lot about Article Marketing? Because, that's kind of my specialty--that's kind of my targeted niche. That's the thing that I've very, very good at. That's where I drive eighty, ninety--right now I'm driving about ninety-five percent of my traffic, just through Article Marketing. I have all--just under fourteen-hundred personally written articles on E-Zine Articles dot com. So, I believe a lot in Article Marketing.

But, there's some other forms of traffic. There's PPC. You can do classified ads. You can do E-Zine ads. You can write press-releases. You can do Joint Ventures. Now, and there's other things that you could do for traffic, too, that are reasonable.

And, I will tell you this: from my personal experience--from me personally--it may be different for you. But, for me, personally, Article Marketing is easier to do than anything else out there.

I've spent a lot of money testing and trying pay-per-clicks. And, I haven't been very effective at it. And, if pay-per-click was the way that I was driving all of my traffic--I wouldn't have done eleven-thousand dollars of last month. I believe that with all of my heart.

Are there people out there that make a lot of money using pay-per-click? Certainly. They've taken the time and spent the money--they put as much effort into pay-per-click as I put into Article Marketing. Same thing with E-Zine Ads.



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