Thursday, July 5, 2007

How to Make Your Own Website

To do your ain website, there are two chief methods you can follow.

If you simply desire to set up some web pages with your words and photos, or a blog, you can utilize any of the countless free services which are available. We discourse the chief 1s below, and we research how to utilize them.

If you desire your ain alone sphere name, and to acquire a web host, construct your ain content, add affiliate programmes or paying links, and have got got complete control of the content and design, you will have to acquire some software system and maestro a few skills, as well as disbursement some money. We also discourse this method below.

1. Free web space

Getting some free web space to make a personal presence on the web, or your ain blog, is by far the most popular option. Using one of the many ad-supported services available, you simply make an account, then upload your textual matter and images, or type in your blog entries. You can then state your friends the uniform resource locator (web address) for your page, and station it in other blogs and forums, and acquire readers to look at your pages.

The drawback is that you will have got limited control of the layout and presentation of your pages, and there will probably restricts on what you can upload to your free space – particularly things like picture data file sizes.

Bearing this in mind, some of the best of the free services are these -


Here you can do a free profile, depict yourself, upload pictures, ask for your friends to fall in your personal network, compose a blog, and make societal connections. There are versions of Myspace for many countries. This is very popular with children and teenagers, though grownups and parents utilize it too.


Also completely free, you can put up an business relationship and station your ideas and photographs in a substance of minutes. You can also see any feedback on your pages, and happen people who share your interests. You can state your friends and co-workers about your blog, and they can fall in in the fun.


Allows you to do a free web page on any topic you want, and to make money from the advertisement on it. The best manner to larn about Squidoo is simply to see it, and browsing the 'lenses' other people have got created. This volition quickly give you an thought of all the possibilities.

2. Your ain sphere and web site

In the early years of the web, there were many free services like Geocities, where you would set up an business relationship and could then put up pretty much anything you wanted. You didn't have got your ain sphere name, just a space on their waiter which you could utilize to upload your pages to. Many services like this still exist.

But since purchasing a sphere name of your pick is now so cheap, this is what most people do when they have got establish out how to make your ain website. The procedure of creating a website this manner is as follows –

a) You purchase the sphere name you desire at a sphere enrollment service. This volition cost about $9 a twelvemonth for the registration.

b) You put up web hosting, with a web hosting company. Prices begin at about $5 a calendar month for a basic account, which will give you a set amount of disc space and bandwidth (traffic).

c) You do your web pages, either by authorship the natural html, or more than commonly by using a programme like Frontpage or Dreamweaver to make your pages – just like using a word processor. You can also utilize predefined templets of your choice.

d) You upload your completed pages to your hosting service. This installation is usually built in to page creative activity programmes like Dreamweaver, or you can acquire free file transfer protocol software system to make it.

Whatever method you take to acquire your web pages up, you will happen it is very easy and very rewarding.

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